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G. Urban Environements


  • Thursday May 16th FINAL due date to be submitted in Turnitin.com (and hard copy with Geo IA Student Checklist)
  • Monday May 6th (interim deadline): the homework you assigned yourself
  • Wednesday May 8th (interim deadline): Section C – Quality and treatment of information data) collected. All processed data in neat and ‘scientific’ tables with sample calculations; all and any graphs; and map (spatial) visual representation. Section D – Written analysis of at least 600 words.
  • Friday May 10th (in class): continue on analysis to reach 800-1000 words of analysis (Section D) and looking over criteria for Section E & F – Conclusion & Evaluation
  • Tuesday May 14th (interim deadline): Conclusion & Evaluation (Sections E & F) is due (500 words);
  • Thursday May 16th FINAL deadline: Class time will be spent tidying format for formal requirements (Section G), uploading to Turnitin.com and printing hard copies as needed.

Task: Research and find climate conditions for Johannesburg and/or Sandton area on April 18th (this is secondary data); a brainstorm and research as many ideas as possible on how to display/present your data and varibles; start processing the data on the spreadsheet also available here: IA Geo Data v2; your sketch map ready to photocopy onto A3 paper

Section C & Homework


4 Patterns in resource consumption

DUE Fri, Feb 15th: Spearman’s Rank Correlation statistical test including the significance test, and concluding statements. You are testing whether there is a correlation between GDP per capita and energy consumption in oil-equivalent per capita. Data is available at World Bank, UN, CIA World Factbook websites. You can also use the country data handed to you at the start of the year in hard copy. The list of 16 countries include: South Africa, Norway, Sierra Leone, Kenya, USA, Malaysia, Germany,

3.Environment and change

Due Thu, Jan 10th:

Using the maps and graphs (Water and Change – water utilization), along with the conclusions you have drawn and jotted down in class in your groups:

  • Construct 3 short answer exam-style questions
  • the questions must range between 3 and 5 marks
  • include the mark scheme (answers)

Part 2: Ways of Knowing (WOK)

Due Fri Nov 9th:

  • Please complete the activities (shaded boxes) on p. 55, 56, 57, 59 and 62. You can write your answers directly onto your ‘text book’ paper copy
  • complete the reading p. 64-71
  • also submit your charades reflection if you did not get the chance to finish in class. Prompts: What did you find easy to act out? What was difficult? Why? What can body language communicate more effectively than language can? What can language communicate more effectively than body language?

Due Wed Nov 7th: Please use the Nature of Knowledge Concepts to create a criss-cross puzzle OR a word search. You can find the website needed here: Puzzlemaker

Part 1 – The Knowers And Knowing

Due Wed Nov 7th: Please use the Nature of Knowledge Concepts to create a criss-cross puzzle OR a word search. You can find the website needed here: Puzzlemaker

No homework due Mon Nov 5th

Due Wed Oct 17th Chapter2 readings p.24-31 inclusive; Any 2of the 4 sets of questions under the ‘Nature of Knowledge’ tab.

Due Thu Oct 11th Students to finish reading Chapter 1, paying close attention to definitions. Students are expected to revise the definiitons of the “terms to remember” listed on p.17 of the text.