T6 Global Warming? Who cares?

REVISION: Incoming solar radiation (insolation) – Understanding the heat budget in animation.


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 6.1.2 Describe how human activities add to GHGs


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TASK: Case Study – Kiribati Rising Sea Levels and their impact on people

  • Use the link and fact file below to learn about the impacts on the people of Kiribati of a sea level rise due to Global Warming
  • Click on this link for instructions on constructing a Case Study based on Kiribati
  • kiribati-fact-file – document

6.1.4 Feedback mechanisms and Global Warming link to Topic 1 Systems

6.1.5 Describe and evaluate pollution management strategies to address the issue of Global Warming.

In any complex scientific picture of the world there will be gaps, misperceptions and Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.41.12 pmmistakes. Whether your impression is dominated by the whole or the holes will depend on your attitude to the project at hand. You might say that some see a jigsaw where others see a house of cards. Jigsaw types have in mind an overall picture and are open to bits being taken out, moved around or abandoned should they not fit. Those who see houses of cards think that if any piece is removed, the whole lot falls down. When it comes to climate, academic scientists are jigsaw types, dissenters from their view house-of-cards-ists.

The Economist 04/2010

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