4.2 Changing patterns of energy consumption

  • Examine the global patterns and trends in the production and consumption of oil.
  • Examine the geopolitical and environmental impacts of these changes in patterns and trends. [Geopolitics: international relations pertaining to disputes about country boarders, territories and resources (in this case oil resources)]
  • Examine the changing importance of other energy sources.

Development and Energy consumption

Energy is the driving force behind most human activities, so it is fundamental to development. Economic development is linked to the wealth (GDP per capita) of a country.  Of several other indicators  that can be used to measure development, one is energy consumption per captia (ex. measured in oil-equivalent kg per capita). Consequently, a correlation might be expected.

TASK: Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient

Complete this statistical test,  including the significance test and concluding statements as we practiced in class. You are testing whether there is a correlation between GDP per capita and energy consumption in oil-equivalent per capita. Data is available at World Bank, UN, CIA World Factbook websites. You can also use the country data handed to you at the start of the year in hard copy. The list of 16 countries include: South Africa, Norway, Sierra Leone, Kenya, USA, Malaysia, Germany,Switzerland, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Colombia, Egypt, China and India.


Oil Consumption 2009

ToDoQs Oil Cons&Prod Trends

Oil ConsumpTrend Oil Prod Trend

When will we reach oil production peak? No one can agree… Here’s one perspective: World Peak Oil Predictions – http://planetforlife.com/oilcrisis/oilpeak.html

What… the… FRACK???? Click here to find out more about the fracking process.

Think-Pair-Share: Brainstorm

As the President of country “X” you need to decide which sources of energy should be used. Realistically outline the factors upon which your decision depends.

Alternative (Renewable) Energy Sources:

The potential for renewable energy is far beyond what we need.


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