Data Collection Processing [DCP]

Assessment CriteriaESS IA Criteria (click)

Some comments made in the IB ESS Subject Report published by the IB:

Aspect 1: “In theory the table should be able to stand alone. This means an adequate title and appropriate headings. As teachers the context is often clear, but this is not the case for the moderator.” “A raw data table needs an explanatory title, properly labelled row and column headings with the appropriate units. The use of decimal places, significant figures must be consistent. Although uncertainties are desirable, they continue to be a matter of choice.”

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Aspect 2: “There were a number of practicals which were marked down because the data analysis was weak or missing. For example if a candidate takes the average of five readings for suspended solids at three different locations, they would be expected to calculate the average but also the standard deviation for their data. This level of analysis is required for the course. To not do so, may result in a drop of one mark on this aspect…” “Finally, many students loose marks because they do not include a sample calculation in their processing.”

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Aspect 3: “…candidates often loose marks because as they haven’t done any analysis, they cannot present processed data.” “…there were many cases of graphs without labels, or legends…” “The graph choice is often poor…for example a pie chart when a bar chart is called for.” “Students do not always use scatter plots with lines of best fit when appropriate… especially if (for example) the research question has focused on the relationship between temperature and diversity. To not do so, may result in loss of marks…”

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