How is matter cycled on Earth? …in ecosystems?

What is the law of conservation of matter?

Nutrient cycling and recycling in a TRF ecosystem…

TASK: Evaluating two models. Examine the two cycle diagrams below. Is anything missing? What is similar? How are they different? What are the advantages and limitations of these models? What is nitrogen recycling like in the TRF?

2.5.4 Carbon Cycle (2) – class presentation

Pre-assessment: Samples of students work – The hydrologic cycle

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Crash Course in Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles

In the YouTube video below, Hank introduces us to biogeochemical cycles by describing his two favourites: carbon and water. The hydrologic cycle describes how water moves on, above, and below the surface of the Earth, driven by energy supplied by the sun and wind. The carbon cycle does the same… for carbon! (the Carbon cycle starts at 5min 12s)

Click on the image below to read a BBC article on why the Carbon Cycle is important to understand. 

Average global temperatures are on course to rise by up to 6C without urgent action to curb CO2 emissions…

Additional notes and presentation with T/F questions The_carbon_cycle2

Crash Course in Nitrogen Cycle 

[you do not need to learn the phosphor cycle – stop clip at 5min 15s]

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Nutrient Cycling Gersmehl Diagram

2014-03-04 10.05.46

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