G. Urban Environements


  • Thursday May 16th FINAL due date to be submitted in Turnitin.com (and hard copy with Geo IA Student Checklist)
  • Monday May 6th (interim deadline): the homework you assigned yourself
  • Wednesday May 8th (interim deadline): Section C – Quality and treatment of information data) collected. All processed data in neat and ‘scientific’ tables with sample calculations; all and any graphs; and map (spatial) visual representation. Section D – Written analysis of at least 600 words.
  • Friday May 10th (in class): continue on analysis to reach 800-1000 words of analysis (Section D) and looking over criteria for Section E & F – Conclusion & Evaluation
  • Tuesday May 14th (interim deadline): Conclusion & Evaluation (Sections E & F) is due (500 words);
  • Thursday May 16th FINAL deadline: Class time will be spent tidying format for formal requirements (Section G), uploading to Turnitin.com and printing hard copies as needed.

Task: Research and find climate conditions for Johannesburg and/or Sandton area on April 18th (this is secondary data); a brainstorm and research as many ideas as possible on how to display/present your data and varibles; start processing the data on the spreadsheet also available here: IA Geo Data v2; your sketch map ready to photocopy onto A3 paper

Section C & Homework