1. Populations in Transitions

Due Mon Oct 15th: gender inequalities presentations

Due Wed Oct 10th (or earlier) All research content with MLA bibliography for your assigned country. Be sure to have info for both women and men of that country to bring and show me in class.

Due Sept 28th (end of lesson) for non-JOMUN-ers: Tasks 3 and Task 4 Part B in 1.3 Migration

Due Wed Oct 3rdfor JoMUN-ers: Tasks 3 and Task 4 Part B in 1.3 Migration

Wed, Sept 26th: Impacts on countries of origin and destination for Mexico-USA migration. Read and summarize the articles your assigned impact perspective (Envio, Econo, Politico, Socio) from the appropriate web links on the worksheet. INDEPENDANT work please. We will pair up and share findings in class.

Mon, Sept 17th: Test on 1.1 Pop Change and 1.2 Responses to FR