World Geography

Course Description: World Geography

This course provides a forum in which to examine the constantly changing world in which we live. Students concentrate on the interactions between the physical and human aspects of our planet, through space and time. The Grade 9 World Geography focuses on Physical Geography: studying the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere as well as exploring the aspects of weather and climate. The Grade 10 World Geography course then focuses on Human Geography: exploring global cultures, economics, politics, population dynamics, resource consumption, and sustainable development in terms of regional and urban settlement patterns. Key geographical skills including cartography, graphing/illustrating data and introductory statistics, are integrated into all facets of the course.

Class Materials:

Students are expected to have in their possession for every lesson:

  • an organized Geo binder with appropriate unit notes and dividers
  • a day planner / diary for personal organization and time management
  • a Flash drive (USB) to back up work and assignments
  • Black & blue pens, pencils and highlighters; erasers; ruler
  • Scientific calculator
  • lined paper to write on, plain paper for diagrams, graph paper for graphs

AISJ Assessment

The overall weighting is 80% classwork and 20% semester exams

  • 40% Major Assessment (test, project, etc.)
  • 40% Minor Assessment (quiz, posters, etc.)
  • 20% Semester Exam and/or Culminating Task

Approach to Learning (ATL) and student expectations

Grades will be awarded on a 1-7 scale based on the following criteria.

Organization:Manage materials and time

  • Come to class with required materials;
  • Maintain an organized course file;
  • Keep notes and other records of class activities;
  • Submit assignments by assigned due date, including taking advantage of interim due dates.

Work Habits: Engage with learning and produce work of high quality

  • Meet with teacher to discuss assignments and assessment as needed;
  • Complete homework;
  • Use class time effectively, including engaging with the task;
  • Contribute to class discussion.

Teamwork: Work toward the group goal

  • Expect, seek and acknowledge the views of others;
  • Fulfill individual responsibility within a group;
  • Communicate effectively with the team.

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