IB1 Geo Sem1 Exam

Exam structure – 2hrs

Similar to Paper 1 Core: Patterns and Change:

Section A:

  • three structured response/short answer questions [12 marks x 3]
  • aim to spend roughly 15-20 mins per question

Section B:

  • choice – TWO essays out of four
  • aim to spend roughly 30-35 mins per question [15 marks x 2]
  • only answer 2 questions!

What to review?

  • command terms
  • syllabus specific terminology
  • essay rubric
  • Core: 1. Populations in transition
  • Core: 2. Disparities in wealth and development
  • Core: 3. Changes in environmental quality and sustainability (only 3.1 Atmosphere & change + 3.2 Soil & change)

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