Culminating Task

World Geography Culminating Task (20%)

Semester 2 – May 2013

What will the culminating task look like on examination day?

  • a ‘big idea’ question will be revealed
  • Some guidance will be given to support students in answering the ‘big idea’ question
  • students have access to their research portfolios and an atlas (no technology) to help them answer the question with evidence (justification)
  • during the 2 hours students  independently prepare their answer and their final decision
  • Students will need to rank and weigh evidence and apply mapping skills
  • Students are expected to justify their final decision

How do I prepare for my culminating task?

In the days leading up to the exam, students research and collect materials relating to their assign region.  All materials are filed in an individual portfolio. The portfolio will be handed in to the teacher at the end of dead week.

 Physical Geography checklist for research portfolio

  •         Various climate graphs
  •         tectonic activity map
  •         tropical storm events/case studies
  •         tectonic events/earthquakes, volcano case studies
  •         class notes

World Region Culminating

Regions based on longitude (see map above for rough sections)

  •         Region 1: 180o – 85oW
  •         Region 2: 85oW -25oW
  •         Region 3: 25oW – 45oE
  •         Region 4: 45oE – 95oE
  •         Region 5: 95oE – 180

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