The Nature of Knowledge


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Articles and activities on the nature of knowledge

1. The Unconsidered Life external link

Watch this short presentation by AC Grayling on the idea put forward by Socrates that life must be examined to be truly worthwhile.

  • Why did Socrates believe that the unconsidered life isn’t worth leading?
  • How prevalent do you think this view is in modern society?
  • What are your opinions on it?

2. Who are you? external link

Read this article by Julian Baggini on the nature of existence.

  • What are the arguments that are offered by Baggini to refute Descartes’ famous maxim that ‘I think, therefore I am’?
  • Do you agree with the statement that the self is ‘simply no more than the ordered collection of all our experiences’?

3. The Matrix and the allegory of the cave

Watch this extract of a documentary on the philosophy behind the film The Matrix.

  • What are the ideas that underlie the Matrix?
  • To what extent is it based on the ideas of Socrates, and his allegory of the cave?
  • Do you think both of these visions of how we view reality are accurate?

4. Critical thinking about the media external link

Read this article about the sources of some newspaper and magazine stories.

  • What job does the agency ‘Talk to the Press’ do?
  • What does this reveal about the way stories are written in the media, and the role of journalists in investigating events?
  • What are the implications of this in terms of the news we are presented with?